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Law firm launches new insolvency litigation and financing solution

Updated: Feb 12

Law firm Provenio Litigation LLP has launched a new insolvency litigation and financing solution.

The new business - Optimise - financially supports the work of insolvency practitioners to make the best possible recoveries for the creditor estates. 

The liquidator or administrator receives an upfront payment and an agreed percentage of the final recovery on the claim. All claims are managed by the Provenio Litigation team.


Joining Optimise as Client Services Director is highly experienced chartered accountant and insolvency practitioner, Paul Flint. Paul is the former Joint Head of Alvarez and Marsal Restructuring North West. Paul has decades of experience providing restructuring advice and support to under- performing businesses and their stakeholders. His assignments have covered owner managed businesses to public listed companies. Prior to his time at Alvarez and Marsal, Paul spent 31 years at KPMG.

Commenting on the launch of the new business, Optimise’s Managing Director, Mark Goodwin said: “Optimise has been developed for a wide range of insolvency litigation related claims including overdrawn directors’ loan accounts, breach of contract, breach of duty, transactions at undervalue, preferences, unlawful dividends, wrongful trading and claims against third parties.  


“Our established arrangement with a leading litigation funder avoids the lengthy delays often associated with seeking approval from third party funders and the fees of introducing brokers, which allows us to return greater recoveries to the insolvent estate.  The feedback from our insolvency practitioner clients and contacts has been extremely valuable in developing our product to meet their requirements.” 


Added Mark: “We are delighted to appoint Paul as our Client Services Director. He is widely respected throughout the insolvency sector and is already opening a number of new doors.”


Said Paul Flint “As a new entrant to the market, we believe the Optimise business will be a significant disruptor in a mature market dominated by one supplier. We will provide office holders with a high-quality alternative solution to maximise returns on legal claims.  Optimise has the flexibility to agree proportionate pricing models to suit the particular circumstances of each claim. Using the most appropriate pricing structure from a range of options in each case allows us to provide greater returns for the insolvent estate.”


Optimise’s Management Board comprises Mark Goodwin, Paul Flint and former Exchange Chambers Chief Executive, Tom Handley.  The Liverpool-headquartered business has also appointed Harry Goodwin as Operations Director.


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