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Why Optimise?

IPs receive an upfront payment and an agreed percentage of the final recovery in the claim.

We are flexible and understand the need to support IPs.

We have extensive experience acting in insolvency claims. 

There is no risk to the IP and they are paid for additional large case work. 

In many cases ATE insurance will not be required.  For cases where ATE insurance is needed, Optimise has contacts with and can recommend various established ATE providers who may be able to provide quotes for the client’s consideration.  Optimise also has access to A+ rated ATE insurance which allows us to provide a time-efficient and seamless due diligence process across the combined financing and ATE solution.  In any event, there are various options available for a client to explore and where ATE is required, the premium will be funded.

Estates benefit from our immediate cash injection. 

Financed cases have greater credibility with opponents which promotes settlement. 

Our established arrangement with a leading litigation funder avoids the lengthy delays often associated with seeking approval from third party funders and the fees of introducing brokers, which allows us to return greater recoveries to the insolvent estate. 

Optimise is a small team that has an affinity with its solicitor, IP and barrister colleagues. Our approach is not simply concerned with providing best in class service, it also seeks to support our insolvency colleagues.

Optimise has the flexibility to agree proportionate pricing models to suit the particular circumstances of each claim. Using the most appropriate pricing structure from a range of options in each case allows us to provides greater returns for the insolvent estate.

We are open to working with existing lawyers.

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